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What are Speed Humps?

Businesses and residential neighborhoods depend on speed humps to facilitate safety both for motorists and for pedestrians. Speed humps are a measure of traffic calming that reduce traffic to 10 mph-20 mph both in residential and commercial roadways. In compliance with evolving roadway regulations, our products and OEM services help businesses improve roadway safety while ensuring compliance with local regulations. Jinda speed hump uses several methods for creating and installing speed humps — each technique is tailored to the functionality needs and usage requirements of each roadway.

What are Speed Bumps?

Speed bumps are more aggressive traffic calming options than speed humps, and so are useful in places where pedestrians and cars share space closely, like parking lots and driveways. A speed bump generally slows traffic to 2–10 mph, giving both people and cars time to react safely to one another. Speed bumps are rarely used on public roads because they require vehicles to come to a near stop to pass over them, and can do damage to cars moving at regular speeds.

Speed bumps can be two to four inches high, but they have a much  shorter travel distance than speed humps. These obstacles are under a vehicle’s tire for less than half of a full wheel rotation, with standard widths are between six inches and two feet. The height to travel-distance ratio creates an abrupt bounce in a vehicle, which can shake both occupants and cargo. Since a speed bump is always much smaller than vehicles passing over it, each axle will cross separately, meaning a car moving at excessive speed will receive two substantial jolts.

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Reduced Motorist Speeds

Speed humps calm traffic and reduce motorist speeding while maintaining continuous traffic flow. These effective safety devices can cover entire roadwaysor span parking lot lanes.

Bright And Highly Visible

Highly reflective speed hump markings are embedded into the speed hump surface during manufacturing. Reflective materials are available in yellow squares.

Environmentally Friendly

Introduce an environmentally friendly solution to roadway safety issues with Jinda speed humps made from 100 percent recycled rubber composite.

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A new product introduces to our extensive speed bump range, this simple speed bump consists of two end caps joined together to form a circular bump. An ideal, effective and cost efficient solution to to reduce traffic speed and traffic guidance. Can also be used to separate traffic and non traffic areas.

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